WordPress Hosting

I normally don’t go for affiliate links and such, but Cloudways has made me a big fan of their WordPress hosting. Here’s why.

Website hosting for WordPress should be easy.

I love designing and building sites, but when it comes to hosting, I just want it to work. I want that blissful balance between the security of managed hosting and the freedom to do what I want (like install dependencies with Composer). And I’d prefer the cost to be predictable and budget-friendly.

Cloudways has ticked all of those boxes for me.

After having worked with big name managed hosting companies as well as cloud-based “anything goes” providers (where you essentially have to be a server administrator), Cloudways felt like the perfect fit for my needs.

Yep, Cloudways hits that sweet spot for me — I can design and build for my clients and confidently recommend a hosting solution that easily manages everything we need:

  • Free trial without commitment
  • Simple, easy to understand pricing
  • Easy site migration
  • Free SSL
  • Staging is included
  • Automated daily backups
  • SMTP add-on for sending email
  • And bunches more!

Give it a go! Try out Cloudways Hosting for free now.

Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms!