Website services summed up in two words: solving problems.

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In short, I do my best to simply be helpful.

When you’ve been working in website design and development for as long as I have, you end up dabbling in lots of different things—creative, technical, and otherwise. What it really boils down to is that my clients have problems. I help solve those problems.

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I make websites. It’s my jam.

This is probably the reason you ended up here. You need a new website? I can help with that. You need an old website redesigned? I can do that, too. I also understand that your website is really a problem to be solved—it needs to do something for your business or organization. That something may be capturing leads, providing schedules, organizing resources, selling your products, or simply being an online brochure.

The point is, I jump in alongside my clients to plan, design, and build beautiful, easy to maintain, WordPress websites that have purpose.

I also do LOTS of other stuff.

Website designer and developer is probably the biggest role that I play, but it certainly isn’t the only hat I wear. Owning a website is a bit like owning a house—it requires maintenance, security, and a little freshening up now and then. Because of this, my clients have often asked me to step up and be their all-around web guy.

My side quests often include things like managing web hosting, helping with search engine optimization, keeping WordPress up to date, incorporating content updates, monitoring security, optimizing performance, and ensuring their website is accessible to all users.

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